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New pic of Matt and Kate, 27.08.2014 (source)


New pic of Matt and Kate, 27.08.2014 (source)

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meet the blogger 

i tag myself and everyone who reads this

Rules: just insert your answers to the questions below.

URL: jamielovesmuse
Name: jamie
Nickname: james, jamjam, jermz, puta, jaime, haimie, jaim
Birthday: october 20th
Gender: female
Sexuality: not 100% straight thats for sure
Height: 5’9
Current time zone: pacific

Time and date: 10:00pm, august 26.

Last thing you googled: “BETTER THINGS”
My most used phrase(s): "hella"
Last thing you said to a family member: “what”
Favorite beverage(s): hot chocolate
First word that comes to mind: ok
Place that makes you happy and why: citiessss
Number of blankets you sleep under: one comforter
Last movie watched at the cinema: wish i was here (so good)
3 things you can’t live without: food music friends
Something you plan on learning: guitar
Piece of advice for your followers: the next time u think “yolo” actually tHINK IT THROUGH

broods - caleb & georgia nott 

broods caleb & georgia nott 

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